Welcome to the new Crystal Water Environmental Website

Welcome to the new Crystal Water Environmental website.

Exploring our website you will learn all the services that we offer our clients.

We offer a wide range of specialist industrial water treatment and water safety solutions, legionella controls, industrial water and air treatments.

You’re in safe hands with us. Our engineering and environmental management solutions are delivered through a world-class team offering support to our clients.

24-hour emergency disinfection service. Legionella risk assessments. Chemical cleaning using disinfectants and chlorination. Thermal disinfection, i.e. heating water to a temperature at which Legionella cannot survive. Storage tank chemical cleaning and chlorination including associated pipework. Cooling tower water treatment, cleaning and disinfection. Cooling tower replacement, refurbishment and repairs.

Whether your issues involve process water, improving the management of industrial wastewater and effluent, poor indoor air quality, save water and build sustainable environmental performance then we have the experience and expertise to help.

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